Valorant Rank Tier List Explained

Valorant Rank Tier List Explained

Valorant has one of the toughest ranking systems in the first-person tactical shooters and yes, it’s even harder than counter-strike. The reason that Valorant rank is tougher than other tactical shooter ranking systems is because there are a lot of smurfs and trolls in the lower ranks and if you are solo queuing then believe me it’s going to be way harder and more difficult to rank up than you think it actually is.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the rank system and will make a tier list from iron to all the way to radiant so stick around. It’s going to be in chronological order and will give insights to the pros and the casual player’s experiences and opinions.

Iron (F-tier):

Iron is the lowest rank in the game most of the new fps player gets their start from here but the thing with iron ranks is there are loads of Smurfs or if not Smurfs then your typical newbies. Now there’s nothing wrong with being a newbie but these situations make this rank so harder to climb out of. The rank makes up around 11% of the whole game’s player base so you are not alone in this rank. If you want to get out of this rank and be with some decent teammates, then I suggest you do aim training and movement practice because team play is not a thing in iron and having a good aim can overpower the whole team easily.

Bronze (D-tier):

The game makes up around 22.2 percent of the player base. While this is a step up from the iron, the rank still is not good enough. This rank is also flooded with boosters and smurfs but you can also find some decent players in it who take the game seriously and want to become the better version of themselves. The rank is not that hard to get out of but unlink iron you’ll need some assistance you simply can’t overpower the enemy team all of the time.

Silver (C-tier):

This rank is the first one that you can get hard stuck in. What does hard stuck mean you may ask? it means that no matter what you do you’ll not be able to rank up. There are factors that can play a role in this. Firstly, it is hard to find a real silver because some players are just bad at the game and other players who actually are good at the game don’t take it seriously therefore, they are stuck in silver rank. Also, the player base in this rank is around 24.2 % which is the most in any rank. Getting out of this rank is possible if you get a good team and play with tactics.

Gold (B-tier):

Now the gold rank is somewhat respectable in the game because the teamplay is there in this rank and there are also good players in the rank but because the competition is good the hard stuck factor is also there climbing out of the rank isn’t harder than any previous ranks that we discuss. Just stick with your team, play your role in the team and you’ll be out of gold in no time.

Platinum (A-tier):

The platinum rank is a high rank and if you got here then you’ll eventually rank up because bad players don’t end up here. The percentage of the players in platinum rank is around 12.4 percent now this is a big number considering the amount of player valorant pull on a monthly basis. But nonetheless, if you are platinum, you can get higher ranks like diamond or ascendant just by playing your game and not doing anything extra until the next rank.

Diamond (A-tier):

Diamond rank used to be the most frustrating rank in the game because in this rank you know you’re good enough to be immortal but somehow and somewhat you’ll find a way to lose. The diamond rank is one of the toughest ranks in the game because you can even face radiants in the enemy teams and that can be frustrating on its own. Now I cannot tell you how to climb up out of Diamond because you’re already doing pretty good. The player base in the rank is also not that big course it’s around 7.1 percent out of all the players.

Ascendant (S-tier):

In 2022 after 2 years its initial release valorant updates and added this rank to the game. It was introduced to widen the gap between immortals and radiants there is not a big difference between an immortal player and an ascendant player both rank skill level is kind of the same if you ask me. the rank shares around 2.6 percent of the player base so it’s a little dot on the pie chart.

Immortal (S-tier):

The final rank that you can achieve through your hard work I mean you could also become a radian, but you’ll have to fight in the billboards and ladders, but you can be immortal by just playing well and consistently winning. The percentile is around 0.7 percent of immortal players.

I would not include Radiant in the list because as all of you know radiant is the last rank in Valorant and therefore there isn’t much to say about that.