10 Greatest Secret Worlds In Gaming, Ranked

10 Greatest Secret Worlds In Gaming, Ranked

Within the early days of gaming, the thought of ​​”ending” a title was fully exceptional. Most video games include arcade-style experiences the place gamers simply preserve going till they get bored. Nevertheless, when the medium made the transition to residence consoles, they began incorporating extra refined narratives with precise conclusions. An issue then arose: what occurs subsequent?

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Probably the greatest methods to increase a title’s lifespan is to include hidden unlockable content material. This could come within the type of completely different characters, gameplay modes, and even hidden worlds that include further phases. A number of titles include fascinating secret worlds that gamers can uncover in the event that they cease and odor the roses.

10 Sir Dan Can Earn His Place In The Corridor Of Heroes From MediEvil

10 Greatest Secret Worlds In Gaming, Ranked

MediEvil put gamers in command of the lately resurrected Sir Daniel Fortesque. The Knight was falsely hailed as a hero after he fell to the primary slings of arrows in battle. When Zarok raises the lifeless for his unholy military, Sir Dan has an opportunity to redeem himself and reside as much as the legend.

If gamers handle to cease and odor the roses, they will discover the hidden chalices that lie in every of the sport’s a number of phases. Getting one offers gamers a visit to the Corridor of Heroes, the place Sir Dan can chat along with his fallen comrades and obtain useful gadgets equivalent to new weapons and therapeutic bottles.

9 Membership Doom Was A Nice Showcase Of The PlayStation {Hardware}

Doomguy blasts his way through a dimly lit rave in Club Doom.

when Doom made the transition to consoles such because the 32X and the Atari Jaguar, a number of concessions needed to be made. Many ranges have been trimmed or reduce outright, sure enemies needed to be excised, and the efficiency and visuals took a little bit of a downgrade.

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Whereas it does have its fair proportion of reduce content material, the PlayStation port makes good use of the {hardware} with some neat options equivalent to coloured lighting and audio CDs. The unique hidden stage “Membership Doom” is a superb showcase for these results as Doom Man is tasked with blasting enemies in a dimly lit rave.

8 Gamers May have The Time Of Their life In Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Crash emerges in the area where Cortex's henchmen are constructed in Crash Bandicoot: Warped Secret Warp Room.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped expanded upon the gem system from the primary two titles and added new collectibles referred to as “relics.” Gamers may revisit a stage they accomplished as a way to compete within the time trials. Littered all through the degrees have been packing containers that will freeze the clock and assist gamers in finishing a stage as shortly as attainable.

Beating the document time would reward gamers with a relic and entry to the hidden warp room. From right here, gamers can traverse the hidden paths of prior ranges and procure the gems that have been beforehand inaccessible.

7 Sonic The Hedgehog May Channel His Interior Tremendous Sayian

Sonic gets a Time Stone in one of the special stages.

In every of the 2D Sonic the Hedgehog video games, there lie a number of hidden phases that include the hidden MacGuffins referred to as the Chaos Emeralds (or Time Stones in Sonic CD). The technique of finding these areas differ from sport to sport, however most of them contain getting at the least 50 rings.

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Whereas amassing them is totally non-obligatory, the Chaos Emeralds are the important thing to attaining the video games’ true endings, the place Dr. Robotnik is completely defeated. From the second sport onward, gathering all of those gems would additionally permit gamers to channel Sonic’s tremendous type, which permits him to fly at huge speeds and grants him close to invincibility.

6 Star Fox’s Secret Was Out Of This World

Slot Machine boss battle in Star Fox.

Out Of This Dimension is a wierd zone that solely exists within the unique Star Fox title on the Tremendous Nintendo. The world is shrouded in thriller, with many well-known pilots having by no means returned from their journey to it. Gamers who handle to find this weird world are finally tasked with defeating an enormous slot machine by getting three in a row.

Because it’s totally random which symbols gamers get, this stage can final them minutes and even hours. The reward for victory is nothing greater than the sport flashing the phrases “The Finish.”

5 Contra: Exhausting Corps Thrusts Gamers In A Gladiatorial Enviornment

Ray battles the Psycho Mother in Contra Hard Corps.

Hidden within the Junkyard stage in Cons: Exhausting Corps lies the doorway to a wierd pre-historic world stuffed with battle. Gamers who handle to find this entrance are then pitted in a gladiatorial-style enviornment and pitted towards a number of outlandish bosses.

One in all them even serves as an homage to Simon Belmont from Konami’s different franchise, Castlevania. A lot likes Star Fox, it is a one-way journey to the battle enviornment, and the victory awards gamers with a weird non-sequitur conclusion. Gamers are deemed the king and queen of the land and are worshiped by a number of monkeys.

4 Gamers Get To Discover The Inverted Fortress In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night time

Alucard and his familiar fairy stand in front of the clock in the Inverted Castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Followers who popped in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night time might need been bowled over to see Richter Belmont, the hero of Rondo of Blood, because the grasp of the eponymous fort. Nevertheless, in the event that they handle to discover sufficient of the depend’s manor, they may obtain the holy goggles from Maria.

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Equipping these through the struggle with Richter reveals a sphere looming over his head. Destroying it reveals that the previous vampire hunter was truly underneath the management of the malevolent priest Shaft. From right here, gamers can discover the inverted fort and discover their strategy to the sport’s correct showdown with the one and solely Dracula.

3 Donkey Kong Nation 2 Rewarded These Who Had The Cash

An overview of the fabled Lost World in Crocodile Isle in Donkey Kong Country 2 Lost World.

Diddy’s Kong Quest put the simians on a journey to rescue the captured Donkey Kong from Crocodile Isle. Any scurvy seadog who manages to get sufficient items of eight to bribe Clubba the guard will discover himself on the fabled Misplaced World. There, a number of new phases await, in addition to the true ultimate confrontation with the dreaded Captain Ok. Rool.

Nevertheless, the enormous Kremling head that guards the ultimate showdown will solely open as soon as gamers conquer each stage within the Misplaced World. To try this, they will additionally should clear each mini-game and get each single Kremcoin.

2 Rayman Origins’ Ultimate Foe Was Really Furious

Rayman and co.  attempt to traverse through the Land of the Livid Dead in Rayman Origins.

Rayman Origins was an absolute feast for the senses, bolstered by traditional 2D platforming gameplay. All through all of the phases are exhilarating little creatures referred to as electoons. Gathering sufficient of them per stage will unlock hidden challenges referred to as the “Difficult Treasure” phases.

Right here, gamers have been tasked with chasing a sentient treasure chest that dashes all through a difficult space. Catching one would reward gamers with a cranium tooth. giving Mr. Demise with every of his enamel would grant gamers entry into the Land of the Furious Lifeless, the place they face off towards the true ultimate boss, Large Mama.

1 Star Highway Modified How Gamers Tackled Tremendous Mario World

Mario traverses the fabled Star Road with a blue yoshi in Super Mario World.

Tremendous Mario World took the key path mechanics from the NES entries and went even additional with the idea. Savvy gamers who handle to identify the phases with a pink dot on the map display screen will know that they include divergent paths that are accessed by way of the numerous hidden keys.

As soon as gamers handle to search out the key ghost home and defeat the large Boo, they will discover their strategy to Star Highway — which incorporates a number of hidden ranges and even warps to completely different places on Dinosaur Island. Gamers who handle to progress by way of Star Highway may even discover the mysterious Particular Zone.

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